U City – Designed with you in mind

U City is proud to have achieved a 6 Star Green Star design rating.

What does this mean for U?

Well, for starters lower day to day running costs, due to efficient design it is predicted to use 45 per cent less energy and 30 per cent less water than a comparable new building. And that’s not all.

Each apartment will have double glazed windows with a thermal performance assessment, or U level, of 2.8. This low rate represents great efficiency with reduced amounts of heat flow – helping U to keep cool in summer and warm in winter.

The building has also confirmed a 7.5 Star NaTHERS Rating for energy efficiency through clever design with reduced consumption of natural resources, lower levels of carbon emissions and sustainable practices and materials.

For more information, why not give Robert Maiolo a call on 8202 5009.

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